Experience the Joy and Discovery of Learning.

Trusted Community

Zollikon Institute makes learning available to our Anabaptist Amish and Mennonite groups in the context of trusted community.

Steadfast Faith

Building on a foundation of historic Christianity that is peace driven and life-giving. We seek not to destroy a culture, but to restore, grow, and build on our Anabaptist faith heritage.

Excellence of Skill

Equipping individuals with excellence of skill to better serve our rapidly changing world.

Creative Opportunities

Schedules are designed to accommodate young adults and older working students.

Zollikon Institute makes learning available to our Amish and Mennonite groups in the context of trusted Anabaptist community. 

We seek to build on a foundation of historic Christianity that is peace-driven and life-giving. We aim not to destroy a culture, but to restore, grow, and build on our Anabaptist faith heritage.

Professional development courses


Zollikon Institute’s Professional Development courses are designed for people who are already working and who desire further training in their field of employment or ministry.
Accredited courses


Zollikon Institute’s accredited courses are offered through a partnership with Malone University.  Students who enroll in Zollikon Institute’s accredited courses will receive college credit through Malone University as Malone students.
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Equipping individuals with steadfastness of faith, integrity of character, and excellence of skill through the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Quality Courses. Quality Instructors. Trusted Community.
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