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Beliefs and Values

Authentic and historic Christian faith:  We hold to the historic Christian faith and our Anabaptist peace interpretation of Christianity.  This means God’s kingdom comes to our present world; Matthew 5 is God’s Kingdom come to earth in the here and now.  In this kingdom, God is the ultimate standard for all Truth, and Truth came to us in the person of Jesus Christ. This kingdom comes to us through the Holy Spirit active within the believer, and in the inspired words of Scripture.  When examined in the light, and brought to rest on this ultimate Truth, the information and ideas of each discipline find coherence and purpose.  Yet, each person must take this personal journey of struggle to arrive at faith.  Our faith in God may be inspired through viewing the lives of others, but it is only acquired within the individual through a personal commitment and personal choices. 

Imago Dei:  Though fallen and in need of redemption and restoration, the image of God resides within each individual, thus making every person worthy of dignity and respect.  That image includes, but is not limited, to the respectful communication of both listening and speaking.  This Imago Dei within every individual also makes us equal before God.  The priesthood of all believers references a term used in the mid-sixteenth century to indicate this equality before God.  This means we do not discriminate based on gender or race or nationality.  Zollikon Institute seeks to create a space where individuals may live to their fullest potential the person God has created them to be, along with their unique giftings.

Beauty:  Affirming beauty as created by God and the standard of which rests in the character of God.  This beauty, in line with the character of God, inspires creative, innovative thinking, and affirms the goodness and character of God. 

Excellence in academic rigor and research:  Engaging in rigorous academic exercise and research grows the individual and permits for competent service in a rapidly changing world.

Character:  The redemption process is aided through the work of the Holy Spirit within the individual. Practicing the spiritual disciplines is a portion of how the Holy Spirit works an inherent change in the life of the individual.  Respect, Excellence, Beauty, Integrity, Loyalty and Truth are core values at Zollikon.

Communication:  Effectively engaging and communicating these values in the marketplace.  We strive not to be archaic in our approach, but innovative and creative, while building on solid foundations of historic faith. 

Community:  We are made for human relationships, in the image of the Trinity.  The best learning happens within an engaged learning community.

Beliefs and Values Zollikon Institute

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