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Earn your College Degree in Berlin, Ohio

Inquire HERE to be part of the first graduating class at the Zollikon Institute in May of 2026!

  • Earn a regionally accredited Associate of Arts degree with specialization in Business, Bible & Theology, or Human Services
  • Learn from culturally relevant instructors whose classes are exclusively for students at the Zollikon Institute.
  • Find belonging with intentionally Anabaptist student life in the trusted community of Holmes County.


Learn more about the details of the Associate of Arts Degree curriculum

Zollikon Institute provides two different tracks of study: accredited courses and Professional Development courses. Accredited courses are in partnership with Malone University and for those looking to pursue degree programs.

The accredited courses have the same expectations as all other Malone University courses and are taught by instructors who support the culture of the plain Anabaptist community. Accredited courses may be taken for both high school and college credit through dual enrollment.

Accredited courses consist of general education courses that fit into the building blocks of Malone University’s core curriculum and count towards all Malone degree programs. In addition to core general education courses, Zollikon is on track to offer full-time programs of study beginning Fall 2024. Watch our website for updates on these programs.

Regional Accreditation provided in partnership with Malone University. 49% of courses of the Associate of Arts Degree are available in person in Berlin, OH and 51% that are available in online classes.

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Email: inquiries@zollikon.org

Office: (330) 390-4142


Zollikon Institute
PO Box 283
Berlin, Ohio 44610



Classes will be held at the Amish & Mennonite Heritage Center unless noted otherwise:

5798 Co Rd 77,
Millersburg, OH 44654.


An evening meal is available for purchase to any student wishing to join.

Please indicate on your application if you are attending the evening meal.

Contact us today to find out how you can begin. 

Email:  inquiries@zollikon.org

Office:  (330) 390-4142