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Zollikon Institute’s accredited courses are offered in partnership with Malone University.  These are core courses may be applied towards most Malone degree programs and will include but are not limited to the listed courses. The accredited courses have the same expectations as all other Malone University courses and are taught by instructors who support the culture of the plain Anabaptist community.  Accredited courses may be taken for both high school and college credit through dual enrollment. 

 Student confidentiality is important to us.  Zollikon’s accredited courses will follow all normal Malone protocol. Zollikon/Malone student grades for accredited courses are sent directly by the course instructor to the Registrar’s office located on Malone’s main campus in Canton, Ohio.

 Please complete this application digitally and upload the supporting documents to

If you have any questions about the application/registration process for Zollikon Institute Professional

Development courses, please contact Zollikon Institute at or call 330.390.4142.

Malone has an established policy of equal academic and employment opportunity. This policy is applied to all qualified students, employees, and applicants for admission or employment, in all programs and activities, without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, or veteran status, as defined and required by law.

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